About Us
Echo Hills 2 Townhouses are located in Perry Park Ranch overlooking the Perry Park Country Club in Larkspur, Colorado. Our location affords magnificent views of red rocks and is home to various species of wildlife. Each unit has a scenic view of the surrounding area. Our HOA association consists of thirteen units of varying sizes from two to four bedrooms.
EHTA 2 Homeowners Association Bylaws and Declarations are the governing documents for our association.  Homeowners are expected to have obtained a copy of the Bylaws and Declarations at the time of purchase.  When homeowners take title to their property, they implicitly accept and agree to abide by our community's rules and regulations set forth in these documents.
Realtors seeking financials and insurance information for a buyer under contract can obtain this data directly from our website in the Realtors section.
For more information see the FAQ section on our website.