What Do Monthly HOA Fees Cover?      
Monthly HOA fees include: Required HOA master insurance policy covering common areas shared between residents.  The master insurance policy does not cover anything inside your unit, including walls, household goods, or personal property.  Maintenance of all COMMON AREA property and exterior of units, including roofs and siding, landscaping and lawn mowing, fire mitigation, and snow removal.
Monthly HOA fees DO NOT include basic utilities such as:  Trash service, Cable/Satellite TV, Phone, Internet, Water, Sewer, Electricity, or Gas.
How Do I Get Trash Service?
The EHTA 1 Townhome Association hires a trash service and maintains a garbage dumpster located on the road leading up to their property.  Contact them directly to share their trash service for a nominal fee.  They do not have recycling.  Email Fred Yonce at fredyonce@aol.com
We do not allow for heavy trucks to routinely enter our common driveway as a means to prevent asphalt damage, therefore we do not recommend obtaining your own trash service.  If you do obtain individual trash services, you would be required to leave garbage cans on the road outside of our entrance.
How Do I Request An Exterior Repair?
A maintenance request form for exterior repairs must be submitted electronically by filling out a Maintenance Request Form found in the Members/HOA Request Forms section on the website.
How do I Get Approval for Making a Change to the Exterior of My Unit?
Any changes made to the exterior of your home MUST be approved by the Board of Directors PRIOR to initiating any construction.  The first step in the process is to submit an Architectural Change Request Form electronically by filling out the Architectural Change Request Form found in the Members/HOA Request Forms section on the website.  The Board of Directors will review your request and contact you directly to obtain any further details regarding your request, which could include detailed drawings, specific color palettes, materials, contractors, or permit requirements.
What Type of Insurance Do I Need to Carry Individually?
Homeowners are responsible for insurance on the interior of their home and for personal belongings.  It is recommended to include $20,000 Loss Assessment coverage in the event the HOA experiences exterior damages that would necessitate imposing an assessment on each unit to cover extraordinary costs.
Are Pets Permitted?
Pets are permitted under the following conditions:  Any domestic pets that will be constantly confined in the inside of your unit are allowed.  Dogs are an exception as they are not thought to be constantly confined in the inside of your unit.  No more than two dogs are permitted in each unit and must be confined within the owner’s unit and owner's property.  When outside the owner's property, dogs must be kept under the homeowner's control and leashed.  No pet shall constitute a nuisance or threat to others by excessive behavior, barking, or aggressiveness. The owner is responsible for immediate removal of waste in a sanitary manner. All state and local animal laws, rules and regulations will be strictly enforced.
Are There Parking Restrictions for My Vehicles, Guest Vehicles, and RV's?
Homeowner vehicles must be parked in homeowner garages, therefore imperative your vehicle(s) fits in your garage space with the garage door closed. Homeowner's garage doors are to be kept closed except when in use.
Guests are requested to park in the guest parking area by the free standing garages.
Campers and RVs may not be permanently stored outside.  It is acceptable to temporarily park your RV or camper in your driveway for a reasonable amount of time while loading or unloading.
Should you have any other unusual parking circumstances, you must inform the HOA Board of Directors of the situation and obtain approval.
What Can I Expect of the Wildlife in the Area?
We live in a natural area inhabited by deer and other wildlife, including bears. Care must be taken to make sure that garbage and pet food are kept secure. Feeding birds with seed is discouraged as the seed becomes a food source for unwanted rodents. Hummingbird feeders must be kept high and taken in at night so as not to encourage bears.
Is the Perry Park Country Club Open to the Public?
Perry Park Country Club is a private club for members only, including their restaurant facilities.  They offer several membership types, from full golf access to a limited social membership which allows you access to their restaurant/grill and other social events.  Contact them directly to learn more about their memberships.